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A Clerks Homepage!! [25 Aug 2006|01:50am]
[ mood | Meh ]

Wow, I was way too excited when I saw this...

Clerks Homepage
[The link: http://www.awesomestart.com/clerks/ ]

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About Clerks II. [13 Jul 2006|01:47pm]

Hey kids! It’s Mark Hamill! Applause! Do you want to get cool prizes such as shirts, can coolers, Clerks II script or wrist bands from Silent Bob? Than you have such an opportunity! All you have to do is to place Clerks II banner on as many websites, messageboards, MySpace pages, and blogs as possible! More info at official site.

Clerks II - July 21, 2006
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hey [11 Jun 2005|06:35am]

[ mood | hungry ]

hey, I just joined and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Heather and I am addicted to any and everything Kevin Smith. (I'm planning a road trip to Red Bank to see if I can catch some filming of the passion of the Clerk) I love CtC SO much, i have my 8 year old niece addicted to it too!! Okay, well, later.

Snootchie bootchie little Noothies

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One question..... [22 Aug 2004|11:25am]

[ mood | amused ]

"Is it safe?"

*clerks: the animated series is crack I tell you...crack*

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oo look here comes a "i'm new" entry........... [27 Jul 2004|02:22pm]

[ mood | happy ]

hey, i'm new here so let me like introduce myself. I'm kyle~ann and i'm 17 years old, and i freaking love anything kevin smith has done, hes a fucking genius. but my favorite thing hes done has to be clerks and the clerks cartoon, i watch them both way to much. i fall asleep everynight watching the clerks cartoon and yestuday i actually had a dream about dante and randal (i kiss dante in my dream!!!). well thats about it from me................


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[18 Apr 2004|10:28pm]

hey im new here and i just wanted to say hi. obviously, i love clerks the animated series (and anything kevin smith related, at that). my favourite episodes were episode two when they were trapped in the freezer with jay and silent bob and episode four at the end with the "big ameican pattyyyyyyy" and "oh a car full of midgets".

i have nothing much else to say, uhhh....
i guess you can add me if you like.
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im whoring myself for money... [28 Mar 2004|03:53am]

"this tubby fucker thinks he can levitate shit with his mind"

I'm selling my jay and silent bob shirt ::cries:: it's a small. check it out on ebay.

lemme know if this post is inappropriate :o(

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can some one explain? [08 Jan 2004|10:04pm]

[ mood | inquisitive ]

now I've watched the cartoon series like millions of times (Own it on DVD) and one thing I couldn't figure out...in the second episode where Dante and Randall talk about the first time they met was 15 years earlier...well they graduated in 1990 so in 1985 werent they like 13? now either somethings wrong or nobody cared or I'm missing something brilliant (quite possible)
but if I'm not wrong does anyone know whats right?

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Can't find Jay [18 Dec 2003|01:40pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Need an alternative Jay, something to tide me over until he finds his way back.


Looking for:
Seeking leaning against side of Quick Stop buddy.
Needs to be odd looking and a loudmouth,
little to no brain activity required. Have no luck
with members of the opposite sex, be a 5 time
loser, working knowledge of Star Wars, hyperkinetic,
turrets syndrome wannabe, have to have alternative
means of income.

Bonus if you can use the word fuck 30 times in a
2 minute conversation.

Abuse of losers with less lives than we have and
work for minimum wage a nice touch.

What you get:

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New. [17 Dec 2003|11:35pm]

Hi people, I'm new. I love Clerks: The Animated Series. It's probably one of the funniest shows ever. Much better than any other cartoons around today. Is it true that they're going to make an animated movie?
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[13 Oct 2003|06:23pm]

i have a very unhealthy obsession with clerks:the animated series, the court case episode is undeniably the best, my favorite line is when randal takes out the bear and says "show me, show me on the bear where they touched you"
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Clerks is monotored by a live CIA agent. [15 Sep 2002|03:35pm]

The following posts entirely fictitious. Any similarity to the history of any person, living or dead, or any actual events is entirely coincidental and unintentional.

Except where specifically noted otherwise in the friends list, all celebrity posts are impersonated and no celebrities have endorsed any aspect of this community.

Furthermore any pornography contained within was taken without the consent of any parties and should be regarded with the highest contempt. You're a dirty girl, aren't you? *fap fap fap*
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