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can some one explain?

now I've watched the cartoon series like millions of times (Own it on DVD) and one thing I couldn't figure out...in the second episode where Dante and Randall talk about the first time they met was 15 years earlier...well they graduated in 1990 so in 1985 werent they like 13? now either somethings wrong or nobody cared or I'm missing something brilliant (quite possible)
but if I'm not wrong does anyone know whats right?
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You'll also recall that the entire episode was written by an elderly Jay, who I wouldn't trust to remember numbers even at his peak of good... thinking... stuff.

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Juh? Don't you have any English learning in that head o' yours, boy?
you're looking way too far into this...
its a joke!
and might i add a cartoon, written by comic geniuses.
that joke isnt supposed to make any sense, hence, it is hilarious.
thank you for your time.
i too have seen the cartoon a million times and own it on dvd, and my guess would be that Randall was just being wrong as usual, haha judging from the first guess he made (the hilarios "climbing up the wall and pot falling down" clip) i think he was just way off, and when he said "i cant believe how we looked back then" i think it was just Randal's good ole poor judgement, viddy well